Les vacances d'Irina is a brand that pays homage to the art of holidaying around the Mediterranean as it once was in the Fifties and Sixties...

A time of simple glamour, when attitude mattered more then who you were. A time when people would still write postcards and wallow in simplicity. A time of simple ideas, honest materials and clean, timeless design.

It started from a basket found in a flea market and slowly grew, exactly in the rhythm and the style I wanted. Unhurried, like those lingering Summers.

Les vacances d'Irina focuses on sustainable items designed to last a lifetime. Both in the design and the quality of the materials.

I choose to work with linen, wicker, cotton and wool - all hand worked by Romanian craftsmen, as they've been for centuries.

Les vacances d'Irina is about simplicity and authenticity.

It is my own unique story that I have chosen to share with you.